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What languages do you support?
We currently support English but will be adding Latin American Spanish soon.  If you would like to request that we add another language, please contact us at [email protected]
Is this an app or a web based solution?
Both. Clue’s primary features are available via our mobile app to make it convenient and easy for your entire staff to use Clue every day.  We also have a website where you can access reports and administrative features.
What is your AI-assisted operations monitoring?
Clue provides critical alerts about equipment performance, maintenance issues, and abnormal crew behavior.  Our artificial intelligence system analyzes the data and compares it to a database of thousands of similar assets to provide insights about the performance of a single vehicle or an entire fleet.
What do you mean by connecting/tracking everything?
Clue has a tracking solution for vehicles, employees, and virtually any asset from hammers and toolboxes to trailers and compressors.  Clue connects everything by integrating vehicles, staff, and all of your assets in a single system so you can track all of your company’s most valuable resources in one
What does AI based insights mean?
When Clue receives telematics data from your equipment, our computer systems compare the data to our database of information from our customers. An artificial intelligence system automatically analyzes this data to identify insights that help you to make better decisions. For instance, if your machines are idling significantly more than

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